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Printable Tutorials BUNDLE

60+ tutorials from AppleGreen Cottage blog, turned into ad-free, printer-friendly PDF files - and growing. You'll never run out of sewing ideas!

Printable Tutorials BUNDLE


What's in the BUNDLE?

This BUNDLE includes those blog tutorials at that have been converted to printer-friendly PDFs.

60+ tutorials from our blog as ad-free, printer-friendly PDF files. Imagine more than a 300-page ebook of sewing projects - and growing!!

Plus, you get all the Printable Tutorials we will add to this bundle in the FUTURE.

*PLS NOTE that only BLOG tutorials are included, NOT other paid pdf patterns such as AIDEN, NEA, TEYA bags.

Printable Tutorials BUNDLE


About this BUNDLE

1 - What it is - and what it's NOT

These PDF files are ad-free, printer-friendly versions of many (not all) of online blog tutorials created by Damjana at Applegreen Cottage blog: with smaller photos, cutting directions, and sewing instructions. If needed, the pattern templates are included too.

What is NOT included: Please note that only BLOG tutorials are included, NOT other paid pdf patterns such as AIDEN, NEA, TEYA bags. To shop for those instead, please see the Sewing Patterns tab.

2 - This BUNDLE is...Growing!

When we turn an online tutorial into a Printable PDF, it gets added to the BUNDLE. This means you get all our past and future PDF Printable Tutorials that will be included into this BUNDLE.

This Bundle will be UPDATED each time a new blog post is converted into a Printable Tutorial PDF - so you will get these future PDFs too.

Already GOT the BUNDLE in this shop? To download the newly added PDF files, just log into the shop to access your BUNDLE products. Or contact us if you purchased the bundle in the OLD shop before 2023, and we'll help.

3 - ...Optional.

You DO NOT need to purchase the Printable Tutorials BUNDLE in order to complete the projects. All instructions from this BUNDLE are available for free in the individual online blog posts at This BUNDLE is simply available for you if you would like ad-free, printer-friendly PDF versions of our blog tutorials.

Terms of Use:

The BUNDLE is protected by copyright laws. You MAY NOT distribute or copy the content found here without written permission. You may sell items that you personally make using the BUNDLE, on a handmade scale. Credit @applegreencottage is appreciated.

This Bundle does NOT include our paid pdf patterns that are NOT blog tutorials (such as AIDEN, NEA, TEYA). Instead, it contains all those blog posts that have been converted to Printable Tutorials PDF files.

Refund Policy - As this item consists of PDF files that are downloadable immediately upon purchase, there are no refunds. However, please contact us if you have any issues.

How do I purchase the BUNDLE? - Instructions here.

How will I get the Bundle?

While purchasing the BUNDLE, a Customer Account will be created for you on Payhip. It will hold all the bundle products for you to access any time. Log into your Customer account here, or click the icon at the top of the screen.

Please ensure you download and save the files you purchase to your computer for future use. 

Please note if you are in the EU - prices do not include EU VAT, this will be added at your country's rate at checkout.

Thank you for supporting our family business!

Bundle Includes

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